Friday, June 26, 2015

10 bucks, 10 people, ONE WEEK! Changunarayan Nepal needs YOU

Changunarayan is a small village in the Kathmandu Valley approximately 15 km from Kathmandu. It is home to the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal and around 500 people. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the earthquakes of April and May this year, many of the beautiful ancient homes were destroyed. Most didn't stand a chance, being of simple construction - brick and clay - they crumbled into chaotic piles of rubble, leaving the people who had very little (by western standards) with even less.

I watched on TV in disbelief, the images of ruins where stunning heritage buildings, and monuments once stood in Kathmandu... in an instant - gone. In just over two weeks I will stand in those Kathmandu streets and I'm sad I will never have had the chance to see Kathmandu as it was - before.
My trip to Nepal is to do what most kiwi's do well - lend a hand. I am going to Changunarayan to help; so that they know (over two months later); helping does not have a "season"  and some things just cannot wait until after the monsoon. I will be taking water filtration devices (to go to schools and three for Changunarayan's community taps) and funds raised through my "Givealittle" project which will be used to purchase building materials to help with rebuild projects in the village. 
Check out the link here to my fundraising page:

Joining me on the trip to Nepal are two qualified builders; Sam McKenzie form Timaru and Steve Trevella from Christchurch. These men have given up their own work in order to volunteer their time for the village of Changunarayan.
We are being hosted by Amanda Summers; an American who runs a guesthouse in Changunarayan. She has been instrumental in fundraising for rebuilding this stunning ancient village and is passionate about seeing it restored. Being a World Heritage site, Changunarayan was on the tourist destination map for those keen to wander the grounds of the ancient temple resting graciously on top of the village hill.

You can check this stunning site out here:

Check it out a little more on this lovely YouTube clip by Nepal: A Tourists Manual

Many of the local villagers make a modest living from selling hand crafted tradition artisan items to the tourists who would visit. It is Amanda's vision that this will happen again and the village will be thriving again.
So - on July 19 we three leave with our bags full of filters, tools and second-hand winter clothes to give away for the looming winter season which follows the current monsoon. My "Givealittle" fundraiser has one week days left to run. I would like to see ten people give ten dollars everyday for seven days. To have this happen  Changunarayan needs your donations - please donate - just $10, and nominate someone else to do the same. Please also share this please on Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr ... and help us raise another $700. 

Check out the latest youtube clip by Nepal: A Tourists Manual

Thank you

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