Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let Nepal Change You

I am sitting here in the international departure lounge at Kathmandu airport waiting to return back to New Zealand. Two and a half weeks in Nepal has felt like an eternity and I have been so grateful that my perception of time has slowed down just enough to enable a gentle immersion into the culture of this amazingly vibrant country.

 I came here with some expectation of what to expect after a lifetime of soaking up information about the Himalayas, but the reality of village life in the Kathmandu Valley has left an ever-lasting impression and is so far removed from the mountainous areas further north. The Kathmandu Valleybis agriculturally rich, with lush green fields and terraced subsistence farms where the locals produce various crops all year round.  Life is very basic in the villages out of the city and especially up in the hill top and hill side villages. 

I find it incredible the difference between Kathmandu and the valley villages.  The people, the scenery, the food, the smells; there is energy in this country that is tangible.  I leave now with my two kiwi builder friends, with a sense of having left something of value for some people.  To build temporary shelters for ten families was a privilege and to work with my two mates and the other volunteers and locals we met was such an incredibly amazing treat. Life-long friendships we hope, have been formed.  

Nepal etched on our hearts and with a new focus now to continue building homes for the displaced, we leave with an energy that only Nepal is capable of giving.
We cannot change Nepal.  I would not wish to change Nepal but I want to remain open enough to allow Nepal's energy to continue to change me.

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  1. So true. So glad you came to Nepal. You really did make a difference in a lot of lives.