Sunday, October 11, 2015

Raising money for pregnant women in Nepal

I understand that harassing friends and family for funds especially leading up to Christmas is contentious at the best of times. I hate doing it actually; but I am always reminded that the needs of people in Nepal are far far greater than mine here in New Zealand.
I have tried very unsuccessfully to fundraise for the 11 pregnant women of the Bode Resettlement Camp in Bhaktapur Nepal, AND for BAWS - Bhaktapur Animl Welfare Society. All my animal loving friends keep their hands in their pockets and I am left trying to hock off personal belongings in order to get some money to these organisations.

Here is a link to the Givealittle project for the pregnant women - thank you to the 2 donors (myself and one other!)

Here is a link to Paws 4 Nepal - my project attempting to raise money for BAWS - hasn't even gotten close to moderation yet as requires 3 donors!

My theory was always that if I had 200+ friends on Facebook and each donated just $10 - there was $2000+. It does not quite work like that though. Interestingly, the people I thought would support my mad ideas and donate, never did, and the ones who I thought may be more reserved were in fact incredibly supportive and generous.

Thank you to my friends who understand what makes me tick. You know who you are.

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