Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Power of ONE

It could be any typical Sunday spring morning here in Timaru.  The sun is shining and there is a warmth in it already; in the distance seagulls squawk loudly and a gentle breeze plays with the trees outside my bedroom window.  This Sunday morning feels quieter than Christmas morning - not a car on the road, not a person in sight ... eery in fact through lack of human presence. Where ON EARTH is everyone!?! They are in their homes, with friends and family - enjoying celebratory breakfasts and marinating in the post-win warm fuzzies.

The Rugby World Cup belongs to the mighty All Blacks once again.


I am not your most loyal rugby fan - in fact for a PE teacher it took me a really long time to fully comprehend the complexities of rugby.  I did not spend much time in front of the TV watching the pool games ... in fact I did not really care until we got to the last four ... then I started to take notice.
Sure I can appreciate the skill and good looks of the boys in black, but ... meh ... I wouldn't get up at ridiculous-o'clock to watch a game ... except for the final. Why?
Why is it that people come together; unite; cluster-think ... become ONE ... putting ALL else aside, when something like the RWC is on? The power of ONE. Together as a nation we celebrate this win (some would say we played our best rugby in years), and as I look through the myriad of Facebook comments, even the most stoic grinches I know have allowed themselves a "feeling good" post about what happened this morning NZ time.

But why does the "power of one" matter so much? Is it because we all feel in some small but tangible way that we can influence the outcome of the game by sending our positive thoughts to the boys? It may not be as silly as it sounds.

Watching the Haka always sends a shiver up my spine; my hair stands on end and I am certain my body is getting a rush of stress hormones - fight or flight - that creates the physiological responses I am experiencing.  Think about the power of the Haka as a starting point for this discussion.  The boys are more together as a unit in those few short minutes than possibly at any other time in the forty minutes to follow ... the Haka sets the scene; it HAS to ... it grounds the energy ... it gathers and harnesses the energy and forms a collective consciousness; A ONE-ness.

Science is starting to sit up and take notice - finally - of the power of a collective consciousness. Science has known for decades that the mind is incredible in it's ability to create physiological change within the body and also to create a reality seemingly out of nothing.  The placebo effect is living proof of this concept.
David Emile Durkheim ( a French sociologist) coined the term "collective consciousness" way back in the late 1800's and he proposed that it was the power of shared beliefs and attitudes as a unifying force which could shape society.  There are studies that have shown collective consciousness to be incredibly powerful at enabling events to occur.
Princeton University's school of Engineering and Applied Science, collected massive amounts of data dating from the late 1970's which assessed the effects of consciousness on random physical systems and processes.  Data was collected for decades and provided clear evidence that thought and emotion could produce measurable influences on physical reality.  This is now known as The Global Consciousness Project (GCP).
Check out too, the study by Masaru Emoto on the effect of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water.  Emoto studied the effect of human consciousness and thought on the formation and behaviour of ice crystals. His work has been replicated successfully by other scientists and proves beyond doubt that consciousness is a powerful mediator of physical outcomes. Youtube clip here:

So - whilst our boys in black did everything they needed to do in order to create the outcome they and New Zealand wanted, do not under-estimate the power of a population coming together as ONE.
And that post-win glow you feel? Thats the power of a collective consciousness at work - ALL of New Zealand feels it right now. It will last for several days, it is tangible and has the power to impact positively on all sorts of things ranging from relationships to important business decisions! Use it wisely.

And in case you just did not get enough of the spine-tingling Haka; here it is again.  This time however, when you watch it, think about how it makes you feel.

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