Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zoomlily Jewellery

It has been a long long time since I have created jewellery but I still have bits and pieces for sale at various galleries around New Zealand. Recently I decided to gather it all back and shun the 45% commission fees + GST and try to sell via Facebook. Asking friends to share my post falls on blind eyes and idle fingers so I do not imagine I will have much luck there either.

Making jewellery has been an incredibly rewarding process in that it is almost meditative. You end up totally immersed in the tactile nature of forging something out of nothing; of seeing an idea in one's head evolve into something tangible. 

My work tells a story. Each piece - an individual one-off creation - represents something that each of us can relate to some how. I like to think of it as three-dimensional art; a painting, a poem or a narrative crafted into form.

I work with a fusion of metals - I love the way silver and gold work so well together  and I love the feel of working with metals - the kinaesthetic nature of a piece taking shape is very satisfying.

As I make everything as one-off's, the pieces are not cheap. I find that people expect a bargain because I have made it from hand- as if my work is somehow not valid because I don't have a "label" or I don't do multiples.  When selling through a gallery I never ever make my money back in terms of the hours of work many pieces take - particularly hand made chains. The labour-intensive aspect of handmade jewellery means it is a labour of love more than anything else, and certainly I have considered doing more casting in order to reduce time. Some items I do cast - such as the "zoomlily heart" which has become the signature for my range of jewellery; and I often cast cases which will be used for resin work, such as in the necklace below.

Right now I am selling my work with the aim to use sale funds to travel back to Nepal and also to donate 25% of all sales to several fantastic causes/organisations I am supporting in Nepal. These are:
 These organisations will receive 25% of all jewellery sales so by supporting me though buying my work, you will also support them.
If you would like to see more of my work please email me on:

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